Platinum List: Best Pastry Chef & Best Sweet Treats

Chef Nathanial Reid’s journey to creating mouthwatering and eye-catching confections has taken him across the globe. Before attending Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and working for several Michelin-rated restaurants as a pastry chef, Reid hailed from Farmington and attended the University of Missouri. A desire to be closer to family ultimately brought Reid and his wife to St. Louis, after which Nathaniel Reid Bakery soon opened in Kirkwood.

Reid’s inventive, whimsical and tasty treats made him a previous Platinum List winner. His Kirkwood bakery offers a selection of sweet and savory specialties, from pastries and pound cakes to macarons and meringues. If patrons aren’t distracted by the gorgeous offerings in the long display case, they can choose from a diversified menu of delicious quiches, sandwiches (an LN fave is the chicken salad on croissant) and salads.